The LYV Grading System

Grade 5. - Perfect.

Exactly what it says. No blemishes or marks. Preferably only played no more than once on high quality equipment to check that the sound is OK.

This is a seriously collectable grade. Some records direct from the factory will fail to meet this grade.

Be ultra critical. And be ultra careful when handling these. A minor incident can be very expensive.

Very few records will exist in this condition.

Grade 4. - Fine.

Clean and having no noticable sound degradation. No snap, crackle or pop. Labels may have original 'Advance Promotion' stickers or similar but nothing that may have been added by previous owners. Sleeves must be original and also unmarked and not creased.

Grade 3. - Average.

The vast majority of second-hand vinyl will fall into this grade. The record must play well with minimal crackle or clicks. It should not be unpleasant to listen to. Labels may be marked but should be readable. Sleeves need not be original. The record may have been 'dinked' so that it is suitable for use on a jukebox but this process must not have removed important information (Artist, Title etc.) from the label.

Grade 2. - Poor.

These records are obviously well played and have had a hard life. The sound quality will be noticably degraded and labels and sleeves (if any) badly worn or defaced. You'll find loads of these in crates at rock bottom prices at boot fares and the like.

Grade 1. - Proof of Existence.

These won't play. They may even be in pieces but they do prove that the record exists (or at least existed). They can be of historical significance and may even have some value if they are old, rare and desirable.

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