Vinyl Nights in Leicester

'60s Soul & Ska Night | Remember Vinyl

They say that Vinyl is dead. That it has been replaced by digital media such as CDs, DVDs and downloads. So why are so many vinyl records on eBay being sold at prices that are way above their original cost? It's because the vinyl record has a certain 'personality' that is lacking in CDs and the like.

Really, what do you get with a download? There's nothing that you can actually hold in your hands. And, if you don't take exceptional care to protect the files, you can lose the lot in an instant and have nothing to show for all that you spent on them.

CDs are better but they still have their problems. 'Bronzing', where the base plastic starts to become opaque and renders them unplayable has been kept quiet by the record companies so far but I think we'll see more of it in the next few years as the aging process takes effect.

Vinyl records have been around for over 60 years now and even the earliest record pressed can still provide a great sound if it's been properly cared for. Better still, it has probably appreciated in value - not many CDs do that and downloads never will.

So, LOVE YOUR VINYL. Cherish it and care for it. It will repay you many times over with the pleasure of listening to 'those old records' that bring back so many memories. And, if you get hard-up, it could even provide you with a decent pension.

The aim here is to show how to look after your investments. The best methods of storage and also how to clean your records. Many junk shop bargains can be brought back to excellent condition by careful restoration. We'll also be giving our views on turntables and styli so that you can get the best sound possible.

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